Facility Design Standards

Section Introduction

By standardizing paint color, wall art, and furniture, Stepworks gives patients a welcoming and consistent environment at all of our locations. 

Facility Paint Colors

We use two colors in all of our facilities with few exceptions.

Main Facility Color

Sherwin Williams
7015 Repose Gray
Semi Gloss

Accent Blue

Sherwin Williams
6236 Grays Harbor
Semi Gloss

Accent Blue should be used sparingly and only for accent walls.

Furniture Colors and Materials

Our furniture is used constantly and often needs to be replaced. While the specific items are continually changing, please select furniture and colors based on the following criteria.

Furniture Color Scheme

Furniture should be gray and blue. Specific colors will be decided by the Director of Residential Operations.

Living Room Furniture

We typically order couches and chairs for living quarters from Folio. Couches and chairs should be faux leather. A coal color is preferred, but anything within the color scheme is acceptable.

Dining Room Furniture

We order the majority of our dining furniture through Article. Tables should have cement tops, and dining chairs should be gray.

Office Furniture

Office furniture should be gray and blue. Desks should be a form of gray laminate with a black office chair. Guest chairs should maintain the color scheme (without any patterned materials).

Area Rugs

We typically order rugs from Amazon or Wayfair. They should be gray or blue based on the surrounding furniture. They should be properly sized for the room. (Keep patterns simple.)

All furniture must be approved by the Vice President of Residential Operations.