The Stepworks brand is a reflection of the company. This brand is showcased in our facilities, signs, posters, documents, flyers, tee-shirts, social media posts, emails, and more. This document specifies how to protect the Stepworks, Intensive Health, and Recovering(me) brands through a consistent design style.

These company-wide Stepworks Standards apply to our design goals:

Be responsible for Stepworks’ brand and reputation.

  • Work as a team. Know your role.
  • All written documents reflect Stepworks’ brand and reputation.
  • Everyone remembers first impressions. Make good ones.
  • Take responsibility for any defects you find.
  • Communication among professionals should be professional.
Every design element makes Stepworks identifiable and unique. Design may seem like a small part of making Stepworks a leader in addiction treatment, but it is just as important as anything else we do. Good design helps Stepworks communicate effectively. Good design often makes the first impression. And good design makes a statement about Stepworks: our creativity, our professionalism, and our attention to detail. By following these standards and guidelines, you’re doing your part to make Stepworks the best in its field.