Design Approval Process

Section Introduction

Stepworks has a large, hard-working team that is constantly communicating. It’s easy to deviate from a consistent style in our communications. To keep us on track, we follow an approval process for all designs. This section covers how to have a design approved for distribution.

Copy Review

Before creating a design, the content should be correct in all regards: thoroughly-edited and without errors. All pre-design documents should be reviewed by a copy editor.


The design should comply with our design standards and guidelines. No copy edits should be made in this process.

Design Review

Each design is reviewed by the Creative Director and CEO before being approved for distribution. This process can take several days. If there are no issues, the design will be approved. If changes are requested, the design goes back to the design stage. After final design edits, the design will be considered “locked” and move forward to the last step before distribution.

Final Review

The final copy check is the final step for the review process and is necessary to ensure quality. Each design is checked, for a second time, by a copy editor. This review may reveal small inconsistencies between the original copy and the locked design. If errors are minor and do not significantly affect the design, the design will be approved for release once updated.

The copy editor assigned to the project has final say in wording and punctuation decisions. If you feel they have made a mistake, bring it to their attention. However, their word is final.