Stepworks Culture

The Stepworks mission is to help people hurt by addiction reclaim their dignity and build a better life. We like to say, “We’ll walk with you.” It means we understand our patients. They aren’t alone. It also means our team is united. We work together to create a culture where every team member is valued and every patient’s life is changed.

Our Culture Book

Each team member receives a Stepworks Culture Book. It explains our identity, mission, motto, strategy, and standards. It answers two questions: “What is Stepworks?” and “How will I thrive here?”

As you explore our expectations and learn about your role, the Culture Book is an excellent guide.

Monthly Speaker Series

The Speaker Series is a growing library of videos from your Stepworks leadership team. Each new release reinforces our shared goals and motivation. The production quality is excellent, and the story-telling will inspire you. The Speaker Series also shares informational updates to keep all of us up-to-date as we adapt and improve our methods and environments.