Stepworks University presents easy-to-find training tools for a better experience as a Stepworks employee. Browse policy manuals or find the standard forms or documents you need. Take new training courses as they are developed to stay current on Stepworks’ provision of services. Stepworks University: fewer clicks for greater resources.

How it Works

Stepworks University is an online learning platform that’s structured in a way similar to online college courses or other web learning courses. Our “courses” offer broad categories of content, with “lessons” offering individual learning modules in those categories.


Courses are categories of lessons that are grouped together under a specific topic or large document. For example, the Stepworks Personnel Manual is a Stepworks Course that houses all content and information contained in our personnel manual. Courses are individually assigned to employees based on their position in the company and their individual training needs.


Lessons are the individual modules contained in a given course. For example, Business Ethics is a lesson within the Personnel Manual course. A course is considered complete when all lessons within that course have been completed.

Navigating the Site

If you are a Stepworks employee, your supervisor has most likely already completed your registration with the Stepworks University website. You should have received an email containing your username (your email address) and a temporary password. After your first time logging in with your temporary password, you can change this to a password of your choice. You will need your username and password to access the courses and lessons that have been assigned to you. If you have not received the email containing your temporary password, please contact your supervisor.

Courses Page

The Courses page lists all the available courses on Stepworks University. You will only be able to access lessons from the courses that have been assigned to you by your supervisor. If you believe that you should have access to a course that has not yet been assigned, please contact your supervisor.

My Courses Page

The My Courses page gives an overview of the courses that have been assigned to you to complete. From this page you can access the courses you need to complete. You can also view your current progress toward course completion.